Our course on "Contact Mechanics with the CONTACT Software" was held in 2010 and 2012 in Delft, The Netherlands, and in 2013 in Chicago, USA. It was highly appreciated by the participants. Many of them rated it as "very good" or even "excellent".

pictures of 1st contact course

An interesting and useful course! Good balance and timing of theory versus practice.

The fourth edition of the course was organised in Delft in November, 2015. The next edition will be scheduled when there's sufficient interest again.

The aims of the course are:

  • To provide a general background in contact mechanics, i.e. describe the main physical phenomena;
  • To present the modelling employed in CONTACT, the assumptions and equations used: what the model is, how it works, and what it can and cannot do;
  • To provide practice and experience in the use of the software: create your own input-files, and explore the output results.

The larger part of the course is devoted to the physical phenomena (rolling and sliding, creepage, friction, wear and RCF) and to CONTACT theory: contact formation, geometry and kinematics, connection to multi-body simulation, etc. Further, a significant amount of time is assigned for practical work using CONTACT and Matlab.

It was fortunately much more general than I expected Thank you very much for the great course!

contact spring

The course is organised by VORtech BV at the VORtech offices. The duration is three days. All lectures are given by Dr. Edwin Vollebregt. For more information see the information sheet/registration form.