The Kalker CONTACT add-on to SIMPACK Rail

The Kalker CONTACT add-on is a version of CONTACT that is integrated seamlessly into SIMPACK Rail. Once you have built your vehicle and track models in SIMPACK Rail, the contact results are evaluated automatically. You just select the wheels and moments in time that are the most interesting and off you go. Further the add-on provides detailed information for the simulation of wear and RCF development.

results of CONTACT add-on

Main benefits

  • easy access to Kalker's full non-Hertzian theory;
  • numerical simulation of wheel and rail wear;
  • assessment of rolling contact fatigue, RCF development;
  • validation of results of simplified theories.


The add-on takes care of all the preparations that are required:

  • determining the initial contact point(s) between wheel and rail;
  • defining a local coordinate system;
  • computing the initial penetration of the undeformed profiles;
  • computing the creepages.
The contact results then include:

  • the location of the contact patch(es) w.r.t. the wheel and the rail;
  • the contact angle and creepages;
  • the size of the contact, adhesion and slip areas;
  • the contact forces, normal and tangential, according to Kalker's theories;
  • the maximum pressure, maximum shear stress and the wear number.
The detailed results can be exported and an input file for CONTACT can be created as well.

More information

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Hertzian theory: results of CONTACT add-on Non-Hertzian theory: results of CONTACT add-on
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